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When Is Shockwave Therapy a Good Option?

When Is Shockwave Therapy a Good Option?

Acute injuries or chronic pain can be hard to address, especially when they affect soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. These parts of the body receive low blood flow and stimulation, making them difficult to treat and slow to heal.

Shockwave therapy involves a device that sends vibrations through every layer of tissue, encouraging your body’s natural healing process. 

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics & Innovative Medicine in Meridian, Idaho, our team of experienced medical practitioners provides shockwave therapy as a supplemental therapy used alongside more traditional methods to get you back in shape faster.

How shockwave therapy works 

Massages, especially deep tissue massages, draw blood to the surface and encourage healing. Along with gentle stretches, massages can speed up recovery or alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Shockwave therapy takes this concept a step further. People often use personal massages as a mild form of the treatment for minor aches and pains. However, if you’re treating a serious injury, acoustic wave therapy uses stronger amounts of kinetic energy for enhanced results.

The shockwaves can vary in timing, amplitude, and pressure. No analgesics or sedatives are required, and the treatment is entirely noninvasive. Depending on the severity of your injury, shockwave therapy can take some time to show progress in healing it.

With chronic conditions, shockwave therapy can help manage pain and reduce the need for prescription medications. 

When to consider shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy is versatile. It’s recommended for a wide range of issues, including erectile dysfunction and kidney stones. The waves penetrate deep into your body, stimulating healing in targeted areas, including soft tissue injuries and even bone fractures.

You might consider shockwave therapy if you’re trying to recover faster, whether to get off the bench, return to work, or take up your favorite hobby again. Along with physical therapy and gentle stretching, shockwaves can stimulate the area around your injury and encourage it to heal more effectively. 

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics, we recommend shockwave therapy as a conservative treatment for many injuries and conditions, including: 

Shockwave therapy can treat most cases of inflammation and pain, making it a great option for those seeking less invasive and more natural treatments. To learn more and find out if it’s right for you, contact the team by calling 208-213-7963, or request an appointment online

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