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Your First Appointment


Investigating Your Pain

At Spinal Dynamics, we are always welcoming of new clients that seek to reduce their back pain or improve physical and mental wellness. Your initial consultation is designed to help our team understand any neck or back pain you have been experiencing as well as your overall goals for physical wellness. Following your initial consultation, our doctors perform a thorough examination that may include x-rays to determine possible areas of opportunity. Those suffering from acute pain will receive some treatment on day one to help alleviate symptoms. We strive to bring comfort and ease of pain to all of our patients. By alleviating this immediate pain, we can begin moving forward on the road to wellness and diving deeper into the core issues.

The Road to Wellness

After thorough review of your exam and x-ray findings, our doctors will create a three phase treatment plan designed to alleviate your symptoms, correct the problem, and set you on the road to wellness. These plans are completely unique for each patient and vary in length and complexity based on your personal issues. Each step has a different goal to achieve.  

The first phase of your wellness plan with Spinal Dynamics involves relieving pain. Minor adjustments, chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and manual muscle therapy are common treatments during this phase. This phase may require frequent visits in order to relieve pain and determine the cause of your symptoms. Pain relief does not mean the condition is corrected, however.   Phase 2 focuses on the underlying cause of your pain and correcting it. 

The second phase at Spinal Dynamics is to administer different adjustments than step 1 and often includes exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. Our doctors will develop a correction plan tailored to your specific needs and discuss ways to implement it.   

The final phase of your wellness plan means the conditions that were initially causing your back and neck pain have been resolved. Once your body has healed, it is essential to continue seeing your chiropractor to prevent the symptoms from returning. Think of it as continuing a diet after you have lost a desired amount of weight. Call Spinal Dynamics today to learn how you can get to Phase 3 of physical wellness!


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