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Rehabilitative Chiropractic Treatments


Improving Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Joint Pain

Effective chiropractors do more than just treat back and neck pain. They provide solutions to correct the conditions causing the pain to minimize the risk of the pain returning. Phase 2 involves different adjustments than Phase 1 and often includes exercises you can do in the comfort of your home. Our Doctors will develop a correction plan tailored to your specific needs and discuss ways to implement it. These at-home adjustments can help you greatly improve your recovery and rehabilitation rate of your issue. These exercises are low-stress, strength based movements that you can continue to use throughout your plan. This not only can improve your current condition, but help for the future by preventing other issues.

During this rehabilitation stage you may begin to see some of the passive effects of receiving chiropractic treatment. Getting adjustments can help improve your posture, which can increase your energy levels and productivity throughout the day. You can even get better quality sleep at night. This sleep helps you feel better, but also gives your body additional healing to reduce your pain as well.

The Healing Process Can Be Painful

Do not get discouraged if pain you previously experienced returns during Phase 2 as this is common depending on your condition. Though your pain has been relieved in Phase 1, your body has not fully healed and is still susceptible to returning pain. This is especially true for clients that have suffered severe injuries or have endured the condition over an extensive period of time.

We strive to provide the best possible services and relief to our patients. We will continue to work with you throughout the rehabilitation stage to make sure you are continuously making progress. We understand that everyone will have different recovery rates and each patient is unique in the treatment and attention they need. To learn more about Phase 2 of the wellness process, call Spinal Dynamics today.


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