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Take a Natural Approach to Treating Joint Pain

Are you suffering from joint pain and wondering if pills or surgery is your only option for a life without pain? Dr. Jamie Ricks and our team at Advantage Spinal Dynamics & Innovative Medicine in Meridian, Idaho, can offer an alternative, natural approach to combating your joint pain. 

We offer a full range of safe and effective natural treatments to target your joint pain, including:

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics, we recognize that joint pain affects everyone differently, so we work with you to find the treatment method that fits you best.

Regenerative medicine

If your joint pain is due to a chronic illness or hasn’t improved with other treatment, it’s important to know that expensive medication or invasive surgery isn’t your only option. Our health professionals are proud to offer an alternative: regenerative medicine, which uses mesenchymal stem cells from donor cord tissue to promote your body’s own healing capabilities. Regenerative medicine can help alleviate chronic joint pain by stimulating new cell growth to repair damaged tissue.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Your joints are naturally filled with a lubrication called synovial fluid. If you suffer from osteoarthritis or similar conditions, your pain may be caused by poor lubrication in your joints as fluid levels decrease. Hyaluronic acid injections can help lubricate your joints and prevent aches and pains by replacing the synovial fluid with a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

Trigger point injections

Our trigger point injections may be a useful option if your joint pain is nerve-related. Trigger points are nerve endings that send redundant pain messages throughout your body. Our medical providers locate these trigger points and inject corticosteroids or local anesthetics. Trigger point injections are a simple way to strike joint pain at the source and keep it at bay.

Red light laser therapy 

If you’d prefer a solution without the use of needles or injections, we offer cutting-edge treatments that use advanced medical technologies to treat your pain noninvasively. Red light laser therapy can painlessly penetrate your skin’s surface to attack your joint pain at the source. The infrared light can stimulate a number of healing processes and can be tailored to your needs. Depending on your type of pain, it can improve circulation of fluids in your tissue, stimulate hemoglobin molecules in your blood, and reduce oxidative cellular stress. 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Sometimes joint pain can be caused by faulty electrical signals sent by your nerves. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can help interrupt these nerve signals and reduce your pain. Our medical providers attach electrodes to the skin of your affected joints and pass a low-voltage electrical current through these electrodes. This current disrupts nerve signals, leaving you pain-free without any invasiveness or downtime.

Spinal decompression 

If you’re primarily struggling with back pain, sciatica, or other spinal conditions, spinal decompression therapy can reduce your pain by taking pressure off your spinal discs. Our providers use gentle mechanical stretching to relieve built-up pressure in your joints and reduce the negative effects of daily compression. 

Whichever treatment you choose, our friendly and experienced providers at Advantage Spinal Dynamics & Innovative Medicine can support you every step of the way. If you’re ready for a life with less pain, call 208-225-4358 or make an online appointment today.

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