How Does Neck Pain Cause Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Many people may consider these as two separate issues, but in reality, there many things that link the two to one another. Neck pain can be a major contributor to migraine and chronic headaches, and there are many different ways that neck pain can come about.


How is Neck Pain Related to Headaches?

The vertebrae in your neck make up your cervical spine, and this part of the body contains a large number of nerves, blood vessels, and more that are critical for communication with and transporting blood to the brain. These vertebrae are not only responsible for housing these vessels and nerves, they also help to hold up the head and provide stability for it. They are fragile and very sensitive, so it is common for cervical issues to occur.


If one of these vertebrae is misaligned, it can cause some of the nerves in the spinal cord to be pinched, which can result in discontinued communication between the brain and the rest of the body. This can cause the brain to react negatively, resulting in a headache. A misalignment can also constrict some of the blood vessels leading into the brain, which can cause inadequate blood flow and result in increased migraine occurrence.


How do Misalignments Occur?

Cervical misalignments can come about for many reasons, including whiplash from an accident, head trauma from a concussion during sports or another activity, or even just a fall or unexpected movement in everyday life. Improper posture can also contribute to alignment issues as consistently sitting or looking downwards can cause excess stress on the joints in your neck and upper back. All of these can cause the vertebrae in your spine to be put out of alignment and can result in pain.


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Cervical issues can be major players when it comes to migraines and chronic headaches, and these issues can be fixed with just a few adjustments. By correctly repositioning the vertebrae in the neck, pressure and stress can be released. Laser treatments can also be used to help reduce inflammation in the body and promote the healing of damaged tissues that could be contributing to your headaches.


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