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How Can Exercise Help Neck Pain?

Two-thirds of the population is going to experience neck pain at some point in life. It’s a common condition and it has a variety of causes. Everything from arthritis to whiplash can cause neck pain.

And recently, we’ve noticed an uptick in something called “tech neck,” a condition in which people get neck pain and spasms from looking down at their phones for too long. In fact, according to a recent study, looking at your phone for prolonged periods of time can add up to 60 pounds of pressure on your neck!

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics in Meridian, Idaho, we’re experts at treating neck pain and know just how effective exercise and physical therapy can be for your neck. So we’ve compiled this helpful guide to how exercise can help alleviate neck pain. 

Common causes of neck pain

There are many reasons that you may be experiencing neck pain and spasms. You may be in pain from overusing the neck muscles, through repetitive motions, for example. It may be the result of a sports injury or a car accident. Even something as simple as poor posture can, over time, lead to neck pain. 

Your neck pain may also be the result of aging. As we advance in years, our bones become weak and brittle, causing inflammation and pain. Arthritis, common as we age, can also cause neck pain. A herniated disc, a rupture in the gel-like sacs that cushion the round bones in the neck and spine, can also cause pain and spasms in your neck. 

Most causes of neck pain resolve on their own with rest and home remedies. However, when neck pain is persistent, or if it’s accompanied by other symptoms like migraines, or pain and numbness that spreads to your arms and legs, then you want to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

How physical activity helps

At our office, we know that most cases of neck pain can improve with regular exercise, and that’s why Dr. Jamie Ricks and our team offer physical therapy services. We specifically coordinate with other treatments like heat therapy and instruction on best posture and sleeping positions to deal with neck pain.

We focus on building strength to help you regain your mobility. According to recent studies, patients with neck pain who performed regular daily strengthening and mobility exercises saw a significant reduction in pain and reported easier mobility. 

Dr. Ricks is thoroughly experienced in treating patients with neck pain, and helping them live pain-free! Call us for an appointment today or schedule right on our website

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