How a Massage Therapist Can Help Your Chiropractic Adjustments

 In fact, if a patient frequently experiences any symptoms related to the muscles, a massage before an adjustment will lead to better results. Equally beneficial, having a massage after your adjustment can help your body keep the adjustment more efficiently.

Many times a tight or strained muscle will interfere with the adjustment. Additionally, muscle spasms, tightness, and stiffness can cause an adjustment to be painful and ineffective. When a chiropractor and massage therapist work hand-in-hand to get the subluxations addressed and the muscles trained to adapt to the adjustment, here’s what happens:

Adjusting Joints

During a chiropractic adjustment, your joints are moved using controlled force, direction, leverage, velocity, and amplitude to address a subluxation. The chiropractor manually forces each spinal joint into place. When a patient first begins chiropractic treatment, it may take two to three adjustments a week to make the effects last. However, if the patient receives an adjustment and a massage, the results of the adjustments will last longer and serve the patient better.

Correcting and Training Muscles

Our muscles form around our joints and stay in the same base positions after years of conditioning. When a patient receives an adjustment, the muscles pull the joints back into their original position. Because of this, the first month of adjustments are as not as effective compared to patients who have been under care for several months. However, once a massage therapist corrects the muscles and trains them to hold the new alignment, the adjustments can last longer and relief will be felt sooner in the chiropractic process.

Teaming up for your Care

The benefits experienced by a patient who is treated by both a chiropractor and massage therapist are numerous! If you are interested in finding relief through the combination of these compatible specialists, contact Spinal Dynamics. Our office has two in-house massage therapists happy to assist in your chiropractic care! Set up an appointment by calling 208 888 0055 or filling out our contact form.

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