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4 Pregnancy Benefits of Massage Therapy

Climbing onto a massage table can sound uncomfortable when you’re pregnant, especially if you’ve already developed a baby bump. However, being pregnant doesn’t disqualify you from massages; in fact, they have unique benefits for expecting mothers. 

As long as you find a provider with proper experience, there’s much to gain from massage therapy. 

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics & Innovative Medicine in Meridian, Idaho, our team of experienced medical practitioners treats patients in all stages of life, including pregnancy. Our massage therapy services can be tailored to your needs during this magical time in your life.

4 benefits of pregnancy massage

Massages can help most people, regardless of age or circumstances. Humans require physical stimulation, and massages offer both physical and mental benefits. 

Studies show that massages during pregnancy and labor can have numerous benefits, including:

1. Reduced pain 

Back and leg pain are common while carrying a child, but pregnancy limits treatment options. While medications might pose a risk to your unborn baby, massage therapy can increase blood flow and reduce inflammation through natural means. 

2. Stress relief 

Having a baby can be stressful whether you’re prepared or not. A massage can give you time to decompress and destress, increasing serotonin and dopamine levels while lowering cortisol levels. That not only relaxes your body and mind but eases your baby as well. 

3. Better sleep 

Between pain, hormonal changes, morning sickness, and your baby bumping around in the night, you might be sleep-deprived. Unfortunately, quality sleep can be hard to find. A pregnancy body massage can unwind the body, better preparing it for rest.

4. Improved mood

Managing mood swings, anxiety, and depression can be difficult enough without a baby on the way, and pregnancy can make these matters worse. If you feel hopeless or overwhelmed, massage therapy can go hand in hand with counseling to provide a necessary boost. 

Finding the right therapist

A therapist with experience massaging pregnant patients should have proper accommodations when you arrive. These might include special tables or pillows to support your body and cushion your belly during the massage.

Your provider might have you lie on your side if you already have a considerable baby bump. 

Deep tissue and Swedish massages are the most common styles and pose the least risk. As an added precaution, your therapist avoids using deep pressure on your stomach and legs. That protects your baby and prevents blood clots. 

To learn more about massage therapy during pregnancy, contact the experts at Advantage Spinal Dynamics today by calling 208-213-7963 or requesting an appointment online.

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