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How Regenerative Medicine Helps Your Body Heal Itself

In the past few years, research has heralded regenerative medicine as a new way to improve your personal health and wellness. Regenerative medicine involves regenerating parts of your body, such as tissue and joints, to accelerate your body’s own process of healing.

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics in Meridian, Idaho, we have years of experience in rehabilitative medicine. Read more to find out if regenerative medicine might be right for you.

How regenerative medicine can create a new you

At the center of regenerative medicine is the stem cell. Most cells in your body are highly specialized: a skin cell is designed to protect and defend your body, while a blood cell is designed to carry oxygen and nutrients around your body. 

Stem cells, on the other hand, are like the building blocks of your body. They have the capacity to self-replicate and can mature into any other type of cell. This means that after an injury, they can help expedite healing by transforming into new, healthy cells wherever they’re needed.

At Advantage Spinal Dynamics, we use mesenchymal stem cells harvested from birth tissue.

Differentiation: A new lease on life

With regenerative medicine, stem cells aren’t yet specialized to perform a specific job in your body. Thanks to a process known as differentiation, by injecting the mesenchymal stem cells directly into the source of your pain, they can help replace damaged tissue in your knees, elbows, or anywhere else where you may be struggling with pain and discomfort. 

Conditions that regenerative medicine may help with include:

Regenerative medicine helps your body begin producing healthy cells in the injured area more effectively and it accelerates your body’s ability to remove unhealthy cells as well.

What a regenerative medicine appointment might look like

If you’re wondering how to take advantage of regenerative medicine today, our office specializes in getting you the help you need as quickly and painlessly as possible. First, Dr. Jamie Ricks discusses with you whether regenerative medicine could be a useful way to manage your musculoskeletal or joint conditions. If you’re a good candidate, your actual therapy consists of a quick injection into the affected area(s) of your body.

Because regenerative medicine functions at the cellular level, pain relief won’t be immediate. Dr. Ricks can let you know when you can expect to see results from a regenerative medicine procedure.

Are you considering whether regenerative medicine might be your best option to jump-start your body’s healing process? If so, call Advantage Spinal Dynamics today or schedule your appointment using our online booking tool.

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